“Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin” (2014)

The work “Doh mix meh up” consists of an audio, visual and spectator element, which are all mutually relevant to the work. These three components communicate several layers of information that incorporate “hidden” revelations and questions. In this work I experiment with the interaction between these three elements, especially the capability/ incapability of representation, presentation and understanding of a postcolonial time and space. Another vital aspect is the ultimate audience perception and interpretations, which are formed depending on the spectators background knowledge and experience. In the work I used Calypso & Roadmarch songs together with the discussions surrounding it as a metaphor for negotiations on Aruban identity and nationalism, which keeps reinventing itself. My observations were that Aruba seemingly has a “nationalism” that “fortunately” is not being shaped (according to conventional ways) because of its condition of constant negotiation. The “we”, referring to; the island Aruba, the community or the individual is incapable of giving an exact definition. This constant negotiation is thus a manifestation of diversity that shows us a fundamental characteristic of the Caribbean. The “we”, “nos”, “Rubiano”, “Rubianonan” , is an ongoing negotiation of the diversity of its people. Apart from the conscious/unconscious search of identity, Their is a collective unconsciousness that recognizes an “under the surface” link beyond divisions of Dutch, Britten and French Caribbean and it manifests itself as seeing Trinidad & Tobago as a prototype to follow. Together with Curaçao, these three islands experienced a hyper industrial period which was brought on by the arrival of oil refineries. The collective unconscious recognizes The hyper industrial period as a new beginning.

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