Sharelly Emanuelson (1986) is a Filmmaker and Visual artist

She uses film, video, installation and photography as a medium to express and communicate her thoughts, experience and sentiments about culture, heritage, colonial residue, behaviors and relationships in everyday life.


Starting from a place of curiosity and interest, her style is candid and simple, guided by authenticity & humor. Her intuition and a profound desire to attain an understanding of and give importance to the surroundings she frequents is her main impulse.

By working with objects and events that reveal patterns and that trigger memory she is searching to reach human emotionality, the subtle meaning behind gestures, encouraging the audience to relate or not to relate or identify with one another and the world we are in.

She uses her camera, capturing a world of familiar and nuanced stories to make sense of herself, the people and the world around her. In her work meaning is given to little things, moments are captured that few have time to notice.

Her work is thought-provoking and stirs curiosity in the viewer by carefully constructing something visual, theatrical and narrative in a transcendental space that allows complexities of history and human life to coexist.


Her natural inclinations, ability to connect with people on a individual level and skill to develop a story with a camera and carefully editing work have been solidified by her academic achievements at the Audiovisual Media school of Arts Utrecht, Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of the Arts The Hague

As well as through international public praise such as nominations and awards from Africa in the picture Filmfestival (2012), Master Artistic Research Award from the Royal School of Arts (The Hague) (2014), Black Achievement Spotlight Award (2018) and the most recent Volkskrant Visual Arts Public Price (2020).

Apart from her own practice she founded Uniarte, an artist-run organization that enhances the visibility & development of emerging and professional artists in the Caribbean region. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Sint-Maarten, Art Institute Ateliers '89 in Aruba, MBO Scholengemeenschap in Bonaire and is now a guest lecturer at the University of Curaçao.

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