Su solo I Playanan Su solo I Playanan

Genre Documentary
Language Dutch, Papiamentu
Subtitle English
Duration 26:31 min
Country Curaçao
Year 2019

Director Sharelly Emanuelson
Production Sharelly Emanuelson
Camera Stijn Te Hennepe
Editing Katie Bogdanska/Sharelly Emanuelson
SoundDesign Elena Martin Hidalgo
Motion Graphic Chantal faerber


Curacao, an autonomous country inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Where the north coast is steep and rocky and the south coast is famous for its beautiful bays, beaches and shallow coves. Each beach creates its own special ambiance and they don’t really need to compete with each other. On several beaches of Curacao we’ll see places and meet characters who will tell us stories about what it’s like to live on this island and you’ll learn what the concerns are of its inhabitants.