Mighty Lords Kings and Queens Mighty Lords Kings and Queens

Genre Documentary
Language Papiamentu, English
Subtitle English
Duration 96 min
Country Curaçao
Year 2014


Since Aruba is my second home and where I spend most of my vacations  visiting family it was in the stars that I would also create and start a project in Aruba. This Idea began actually in Grenada during the Caribbean studies conference that I attend to present a previous film su solo i playanan (2010). At the conference I met Gregory Richardson a lecturer at IPA who was currently doing a Phd on Calypso on Aruba. In our conversation he told me allot about San Nicolas and how the Calypso kind of got started there. It struck me that growing up I actually never encountered that history and worst yet never  really paid attention to what San Nicolas had to offer. Since my family lived more in the area of Dakota and Noord I only would go to SanNicolas to go to baby beach and that was it. Apart from being ashamed I felt I had to do something about it and started to work on Mighty’s Lords Kings and Queens with Gregory Richardson. Together we spoke to many musicians and he shared most of his knowledge collected for his PHD Thesis.  When we told some people what we where doing most where skeptical some where excited and overall sponsorship was very difficult to get. Even though Prins Bernard Cultuur fonds gave their financial support we where not able to gather the full amount. But we still continued and made the best we could in the given context. Our efforts resulted in a documentary with many narratives that should give a glimpse of San Nicolas, Aruba its musicions and the History of Calypso.  The equipment used was very modest which disturbt the sound to be of best quality  but other than than I am I was able to document and tell expose different perpectives that coexist together.

Besides the documentary I made sure to explore the possibilities of making a new art work Which resulted into my MA graduation work at the KABK, for which I won a master award for. The work is called “Doh Mix Meh up” and is a video installation that in first instance is showing you footage of the lightning parade during Carnival in Aruba.