Juni Juni

A group of 4 teenage boys hang out together, but not everyone is feeling at ease within the group. Juni, having equal potential for good and bad makes a choice and takes control of his future.

Genre:                                               Fiction Short
Language                                          Papiamentu
Subtitles                                            English
Length                                               7 min
Country                                             Curaçao
Year                                                   2018


Director                                             Sharelly Emanuelson
Script                                                 Sharelly Emanuelson
Producer                                           Omar Martha
Asst. Producer                                 Tittel Boomgaart
DP                                                       Pim Gelevert
Editor                                                 Pim Gelevert
Gaffer                                                            Pito Polo
Soundtrack                                       Sorandy Sint Jacobs
Sounddesign                                    Elena Martin Hidalgo
Head of Props                                  Chiou Mian Lin
Sound                                                Hermanus “Bloody jr” Rojer
Makeup / Wardrobe                       Alissa Ruygrok
Wardrobe/ Props / PA                    Jerdenella Paulina
EPK                                                     Jean-Carlo Balootje
Props / PA                                         Shaydiah Granviel
Props / PA                                         Enrique Burgos
Props / PA                                         Tammy Raphaela
PA                                                       Avinash Daryanani

Juni was made during a film residency at Instituto Buena Bista

Instituto  Buena  Bista  (IBB)  is  the  center  for  contemporary  art  on  Curacao.  It  provides  a  preparatory  course  for  talented  your  who  want  to  pursue  a  career  in  the  creative  or  artistic  fields.  As  part  of  it’s  efforts  it  hosts  a  variety  of  residency  projects  including  the  annual  short  film  residency.  Through a  partnership  with  the  Curacao  International  Film  Festival  Rotterdam  it  has  had  short  films  by  Damian  Marcano,  Alex  Santiago  Perez  and  Sharelly  Emanuelson  selected  for  screening  during  the  festival’s  editions.
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