“Yamada” (Calling)
In 1977 an unexpected musical marriage occurred between a local youth rock band and a church choir. 40 years later, this band (Grupo Serenada) is still dedicated to preserve traditional Papiamentu songs. This documentary reveals the personal and collective motives for committing to this cultural preservation.
Curaçao | 2018 | doc | 85’ | Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish | Subtitle: English
THU 12 APR 15:30 and FRI 13 APR 21:30

“Welterusten Papa” (Goodnight Daddy) *world premiere
Cinematographic portrait that shows us an alternative narrative about the presence of fathers in the lives of their daughters and challenges stereotypes about masculinity and fatherhood.
Curaçao | 2018 | 60’ | Dutch, Papiamentu | Subtitle: English
FRI 13 APR 20:00 and SUN 15 APR 15:00
“JUNI” (drama-short) *premiere
A group of 4 teenage boys hang out together, but not everyone is feeling at ease within the group.
Juni, having equal potential for good and bad needs to confront reality and take control of his future.
This film was a collaboration with the students of IBB and a selected class of Joseph Civilis VSBO
Curaçao | 2018 | 60’ | Papiamentu | Subtitle: English
FRI 13 APR 13:00 and SUN 15 APR at 20:30 together with un tributo a cheo feliciano.
For more info check the website: http://www.curacaoiffr.com/

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