Why did it take me so long to apply for funding?

Why did it take me so long to apply for funding? Dear reader, Welcome to what seems to be the umpth attempt to (consistently) write about my journey as filmmaker/artist. WARNING. I have been told that I write like a … Read More

“Tormenta” Documentaire voor Teatro Kadaken

          MULA, geschreven en gespeeld door Albert Schoobaar, is een indringend stuk over een van de zwartste periodes in de recente Curaçaose geschiedenis. De tijd: bolletjesslikkers de vertrekhal van Hato bevolkten en hun leven op het … Read More

Video of the digitization of Caribbean Collection at the University of Curaçao

The digitization of Caribbean Collection is made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands and the Prince Bernhard Culture Caribbean. The digitization project is 2015-2016 Conducted door Leiden University in Cooperation and … Read More

“Tienda di Prevenshon” Documentary for Ennia

Pilot project “Tienda di Prevenshon” (Prevention Store) is about uplifting the community by creating awareness, improving living conditions and preventing crime.” Client: ENNIA Curaçao Initiator: Openbaar Ministerie Curaçao (Public Prosecutor) Production: Caribbean Filmcom Director: Sawita Chotkan Camera & Edit: Sharelly … Read More

Trailer at Williwood

WILLIWOOD- WLC2015 Teaser 5-HD 1080p from Sharelly Emanuelson on Vimeo.

The making of Leyenda di Buchi Fil