Born and raised in the Dutch Caribbean, studied film in the Netherlands and returned home to be able to tell universal and intimate stories from the Dutch Caribbean islands and the larger Caribbean region.

While she is continuously sharpening her own aesthetic and signature, she keeps looking for new ways of representation and angles of approaching the themes and discourses she is interested in. With striking observations, she takes us into another world that is always very personal. Sensitive topics are portrayed in a pleasant, non-radical way with humoristic insinuations.

Her films and film installation have been screened at different festivals and exhibitions. Apart from winning the audience award in 2011 at the Africa in the Picture film festival she received the Master award at KABK in 2014 and just recently received the encouragement spotlight Award of 2018, requesting her to continue making work.  Emanuelson is also the founder of Uniarte, a non-profit, artists led organization on Curacao.

curriculum vitae

Last updated April 2019


2012-2014 “Master Artistic Research, Royal Academy, The Hague” NL

2006-2010 “Bachelor Audiovisual Media, School of the arts Utrecht” NL


2019 Rotterdam Filmfestival Curacao CUR


2018 Trinidad filmfestival  TT

2018 Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2018 USA

2018 “’t Hoogt, Utrecht” NL

2018 “Rialto, Amsterdam” NL 2018 Filmhuis Den Haag NL 2018 Rotterdam Filmfestival Curacao CUR

2015 University of Sint Maarten SXM

2015 Cas di Cultura AUA

2013 “Holland Doc Ned 2, Nederlandse tv” NL

2012 AITP Film Festival NL

2011 Shoot me film Festival NL

2011 Black Magic Woman festival NL

2011 Winternachten NL

2011 Cineblend / Tropentheater NL

2011 Teatro Luna Blou CUR

2011 Biblioteca National AUA AUA

2011 Instituto Pedagogico Aruba AUA

2011 De Balie NL 2011 Beeld voor Beeld filmfestival NL

2011 Uitmarkt NL

2011 Go Short film Festival NL


2018 “Groep Expositie, Caribbean Linked V” AUA

2016 “Artist Talk, AliceYard” TT

2016 “Group Exhibition, Caribische Liaisons, CBK Zuidoost” NL

2015 “Group Exhibition, Kamarado, Stedelijk Museum Bureau” NL

2015 “Group Exhibition, Transartfest Art Biennial, Trans-ideology: Nostalgia” TW

2014 “Group Exhibition, Doh Mix Meh Up, Oxford University” UK

2014 “Group Exhibition, Un Sentiment de Comme Si” NL

2014 “Solo Exhibition, The Ongoing Conversation, 1646” NL

2014 “Group Exhibition, There Will be Wine” NL

2013 “Group Exhibition, Transartfest Art Biennial, Trans-ideology: Nostalgia” GE

2013 “Group Exhibition, Rootsfestival” NL

2013 “Group Exhibition, There Will be Wine, Exhibition” NL

2012 “Group Exhibition, Meet & Greet Exhibition Uniarte”


2018 Caribbean Linked V AUA

2018 Instituto Buena Bista CUR


2018 Alex Alberto Film Fund CUR

2018 Urban Talent – Cultuurparticipatie 2018-2019 NL


2018 In de Spotlight Award NL

2014 Winner Master Award Artistic Research Koninklijke Kunst Academie Den Haag NL

2012 “Winner Afrika in the Picture filmfestival, Audience Award Categorie Best student film” NL


2016 “Reflections of a filmmaker,Commentaries, Online Journal University of Sint Maarten” SXM

2015 ” DohMixMehUp, Oxford University” UK


2016-Heden Collaboration Casa Moderna met Avantia Damberg CUR

2017-Heden Cinema Moderna met Marlon Reina & Hester Jonkhout CUR

2014-Heden Bij Caribbean Filmcom betrokken als regisseur met Michel Drenthe als Producent CUR

2018 Collaboratie IBB mbt Curacao Rotterdam Filmfestival CUR

2016-2017 Teatro Kadaken CUR

2014 “Calypso & Roadmarch, Research & Documentation met Gregory Richardson” AUA

2014 “Live-discussion performance voor Lilo Nein, camera en montage” NL

2014 “Select the right Location voor Anna Moreno, productie en regie assistent” NL

2012 “Zwarte piet is racisme voor Quincy and Knoledge, Documentatie” NL


2015 “Group Exhibition, Kamarado, Stedelijk Museum Bureau” NL

Panel Discussions

2014 Oxford Diaspora Art event “Doh mix meh up” NL NL

2013 Close Encounters of the Caribbean Kind II: On Decolonial Aesthetics and European Blackness in Kunsthal KAdE NL

2011 Oude beelden – nieuw commentaar. Deel 2: The Dutch 2 Caribbean NL

2011 Oude beelden – nieuw commentaar. Deel 2: The Dutch 2 Caribbean Film and table discussion evenings at Cineblend Stichting Audiovisuele Anthropologie NL


2015 “Guest Lecture, Caribbean Filmmaking, University of Sint Martin” SXM

2013 “Workshops to film & video production, Project Full” NL

2009 “Film and video workshops, Festival Yu di Korsou” NL

Curatorial Projects

Ongoing “Uniarte, a non-profit artist led organisation, Founder” CUR

2017 Cinema Moderna CUR

2017 Artist Talk CUR

2016 “Ad layers to your plot met Hector Rafaela, Fiona Henriquez, Adriana Escobar” CUR

2009 “Projecto Yu di Korsou, Producer of a theater & film event/workshop” CUR

Advisory Committee

2061-2017 Vriza NL