“Tormenta” Documentaire voor Teatro Kadaken

          MULA, geschreven en gespeeld door Albert Schoobaar, is een indringend stuk over een van de zwartste periodes in de recente Curaçaose geschiedenis. De tijd: bolletjesslikkers de vertrekhal van Hato bevolkten en hun leven op het … Read More

Video of the digitization of Caribbean Collection at the University of Curaçao

The digitization of Caribbean Collection is made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands and the Prince Bernhard Culture Caribbean. The digitization project is 2015-2016 Conducted door Leiden University in Cooperation and … Read More

Why The Audiovisual?

During her upbringing in Curaçao and Aruba it was mostly foreign commercial media representations from the U.S., Europe & Latin America that were presented through television Cinema and other media channels. This still being the case today, it led to … Read MoreRead More


Siudadanos in Stedelijk Bureau Amsterdam Dutch Caribbean Video artist and Filmmaker Sharelly Emanuelson presented her two-channel sound and video installation at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, which was recorded during her stay in Sint Maarten. Kamarado, the title of the … Read More

“Tienda di Prevenshon” Documentary for Ennia

Pilot project “Tienda di Prevenshon” (Prevention Store) is about uplifting the community by creating awareness, improving living conditions and preventing crime.” Client: ENNIA Curaçao Initiator: Openbaar Ministerie Curaçao (Public Prosecutor) Production: Caribbean Filmcom Director: Sawita Chotkan Camera & Edit: Sharelly … Read More

Trailer at Williwood

WILLIWOOD- WLC2015 Teaser 5-HD 1080p from Sharelly Emanuelson on Vimeo.

Hidden Transcripts

“Hidden Transcripts” at 1646, [2014] where I started to experiment with a live set performance. In wanting to experiment more I became interested to work with the carnival setting and context as a component in my work. Within carnival the … Read More

“Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin”

“Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin” (2014) The work “Doh mix meh up” consists of an audio, visual and spectator element, which are all mutually relevant to the work. These three components communicate several layers of information that incorporate … Read More

Representation in Documentary-art

2014 Through the lens the camera metaphorically mirrors the self of the filmmaker. (Sherman, 1998, p.1) Personal Intro Being born and raised on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao and having lived in the Netherlands for almost ten years now, … Read MoreRead More

Mighty Lords Kings and Queens

Genre DocumentaryLanguage Papiamentu, EnglishSubtitle EnglishDuration 96 minCountry CuraçaoYear 2014   Since Aruba is my second home and where I spend most of my vacations  visiting family it was in the stars that I would also create and start a project in Aruba. This Idea began actually … Read More