Behind the scene of when early Kaya Kaya was cozy

When I saw that a second edition of Kaya Kaya was planned, I contacted Kurt and said I would like to help because I thought it was a very fresh initiative and felt that real impact would be achieved. 

As a Dutch Caribbean filmmaker and artist, I am interested in what we as humans, cultures and societies do. And the reasons why we do them. To be able to use my talent for more stories I then decided to start stories and legacies where I can help you and your family  to document your story.

I have a sensitivity to see things that we take for granted or that remain hidden. I see things that can give us more value and self-appreciation and I create mirrors where we can see ourselves and reflect back.

Being able to see the process of the making of Kaya Kaya is a great way to understand the positive impact a project like this can have for more people other than those who are involved.

I see a neighborhood fluorescing, people feeling their pride and willing to show it, I see ownership and entrepreneurship from big to small coexisting together and I see the most amazing mix of humans dancing in an area that was practically hidden but can offer many wonders. 

As an artist and especially on Curacao we hope to interact more with the other sectors and that they (or you) can collaborate more with us for we also can deliver unexpected positive results.  And also, here there is something to applaud Kaya Kaya for, they are open and have involved the participation of local artist in a different way. 

So to leave you with a thought I will borrow the words of Seth Godin and talk to you about a new class of person. The artist. not in the traditional sense as we might think.

But the artist as someone who does human work, unpredictable work, who makes connection with someone else and can change them for the better.  Meaning that you can be an artist if you are a painter but you can also be an artist if you are a receptionist or an accountant. That what art does is the opposite of being compliant. Art is based on the idea that there is an exchange of gifts that is not only financial exchange. Cause what art does is bring us closer together.

I know that to figure out this posture of change and posture of generosity is hard because it’s scary, it’s hard because people might laugh and think it might not work. And therefore, Team Kaya Kaya thank you for being artists and for creating a beautiful experience for Curacao.