A Wor(l)d to Confuse

Picture yourself entering an exhibition space in a European city. There are large bay windows and the white walls reflect the flows of daylight. Sculptures, videos on screens and wall texts quietly inhabit the rooms where the discreet ballet of visitors produces little more noise than soles glissando on the grey floor. Yet, after a […]

Simply put, ‘it mixes you up’

Dutch Caribbean visual artist, Sharelly Emanuelson’s audiovisual project entitled Doh Mix Me Up, We Always Negotiatin’ is a creative project, that takes place within the context of the Carnaval di Aruba, (Aruban Carnival) presented as a ‘negotiating space’ that features connected segments, which include dialogues between members of the calypso world in Aruba, colorful moving […]

Sharelly Emanuelson’s Doh Mix Meh UP: a review of the film as a response

A review brings into nebulous visibility that which a work of art possibly implies without directly addressing. Let us agree to call these unaddressed implications, spirits, in the alchemical and Caribbean rum shop sense of the term. They are distillates that make the disparate pebbles of aesthetic wisdom within a work of art more coherent. […]

Continuing with Uniarte at new location in Otrobanda

I had founded Uniarte in 2010 and had organized various exhibitions, workshops and meetings among Caribbean artists in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The idea of ​​uniting and having a greater interaction between artistic disciplines, was born due to my own need to have a space where different disciplines could join to exhibit and collaborate with each other. […]

Why did it take me so long to apply for funding?

Welcome to what seems to be the umpth attempt to (consistently) write about my journey as filmmaker/artist. WARNING. I have been told that I write like a person who has woken up in the middle of the night to blurb some notes. Forgive me if this still is the case. Please consider this blog on […]

Representation in Documentary-art

  Date: July 2014 Through the lens the camera metaphorically mirrors the self of the filmmaker. (Sherman, 1998, p.1) Personal Intro Being born and raised on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao and having lived in the Netherlands for almost ten years now, I observed several troubling matters in the media representations concerning the Dutch […]