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For what can I submit an inquiry?

You can submit inquiries for :

  • Filmmaking (Documentary, Fiction, short or feature ) 
  • Licensing (Photography )
  • Commissions (film, installation and /or photography)
  • Workshop
  • Public Speaking
  • Film Screenings 

What are the steps after sending an inquiry?

You will be contacted as soon as possible.  Either by phone or to make an appointment. Depending on the scale of the project she will contact one of the producers she works with so he or she can get involved from the very beginning. 

What is it going to cost?

Unfortunately there is no pre-formula when it comes to pricing. And it really depends on the scale, duration and the intensity of the project. Let’s talk first.

Where is she based and where would she work?

Currently Sharelly is based in Curaçao, but she travels and is interested in working within the Dutch and wider Caribbean Region. 

When projects coincide she is open to go to any country.

Why should I consider booking Sharelly Emanuelson

First thing: you will get a unique and custom work or production made with allot of attention and dedication. 
On a second note:
Her particular preference for the visual storytelling and the ability to capture ordinary behaviors of people and societies has to do with her need for us to have more identification with images we see and interact with. For Emanuelson this could stimulate reflection, ownership and bring about a deeper understanding of one’s self and surroundings.
She continues: “It has been established that the historic and current dominant narrative regarding the (Dutch) Caribbean community and diaspora has mainly been associated with superficial images such as sun and sea portrayals or negative and dismissive stereotypes due to constructed representations based on archive reporting.”
Film for instance is a construction of subjective viewpoints and in the event of presenting a work a dialogue between “transmitter” and “receiver” arises. These parties are both socially positioned and bring to the table their own sentiments, baggage and background on several levels such as gender, social class, sexual orientation etc, that all intersect. As a Dutch Caribbean filmmaker and artist she aspires to present local narratives and experiences. An by doing so she also takes precaution in the fact that she can merely present one or few of the many perspectives of the Diasporic, Caribbean community.

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