“Hidden Transcripts” at 1646, [2014] where I started to experiment with a live set performance. In wanting to experiment more I became interested to work with the carnival setting and context as a component in my work. Within carnival the capability exists to overthrow the old and conformed order in which a distinct relationships between, body, language and politics manifest. In a one-day solo-exhibition I projected seven screens with old archive material produced by the Dutch Polygoon-Profilti Company showing images filmed on Aruba and Curaçao. The images included visits of the two previous Queens of the Netherlands to the Dutch Caribbean, other images showed fragments during the height of the industrial migration period from the Antilles to the Netherlands and two important political moments on Aruba & Curacao . In the same space I provided the elements such as costumes, masks and music for a Carnival festivity to take place. In addition to the event I invited C. Granger to give a lecture on Calypso: Resistance and Survival in the music of Carnival. The event was recorded with the hope to produce a sequel work or for documentation purposes.


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