En Mi Pais

Duration 15 Min
Projection Video Loop
Country Aruba
Year  2018

One of the main reasons for the existence of “tour guides” is the knowledge sharing purpose for the foreigner instead of its own community. The proud Aruban and the family structures as I was introduced to growing up, are fading away. Generations are passing, and the norm and values have changed. What is the real value if the information and knowledge of what one’s country has to offer merely becomes a repeating dictation and not a self-awareness or understanding of context and cause and effect? In this fast pace capitalist world, we as humans have plenty incentive for development. The island’s desire for development is visible in its desire for more buildings, hotels, bridges and trams even though there are many rooted cracks, memory losses, empty buildings, abuse, addictions and need of social help. Who is investigating, documenting, narrating and showing our multiple selves and social/human needs? 


Duration 15 Min
Projection Video Loop
Year  2015

The artist’s installation captures the Caribbean sense of life and the new becoming of (international) relations. Her installations are predicated on months of research into local customs and cultures, and recordings of first- hand accounts in interviews and photography. She explores the expressions and interrelations of the concept of “siudadanos” (meaning “citizens” in Papiamentu), and “comradeships” in the context of St.Maarten, but also in the wider Dutch Caribbean region and its metropole. 

Doh Mix Meh Up

Duration 15 Min
Projection Video Loop
Year  2014

The work “Doh mix meh up” consists of an audio, visual and spectator element, which are all mutually relevant to the work. These three components communicate several layers of information that incorporate “hidden” revelations and questions. In this work I experiment with the interaction between these three elements, especially the capability/ incapability of representation, presentation and understanding of a postcolonial time and space.