Mighty Lords Kings and Queens

Gregory Richardson and Sharelly Emanuelson bundled their efforts which resulted in a documentary that gives a glimpse of San Nicolas, Aruba,  its musicians and the History of Calypso. This documentary features interviews, film/photo footage and other documentation of several Aruban “calypso actors” including the late Baba Charlie, Hildward Croes, Mighty Stinger, Young Quick Silver, Lord Boxoe, Lord Cobashi, Ramon Sharpe as well as many of the contemporary performers and writers of the past 30 years. (Mighty Talent, Lady Mezzo. Lady V, Lady K, Dr Hook, Mighty Reds, The Baron, Black Diamond, Mighty Whitey, Mighty Tattoo, T Money and many more). This film is produced and directed by Dutch Caribbean film maker Sharelly Emanuelson. Research for film (Gregory Richardson). Besides the documentary Emanuelson made sure to explore the possibilities of making a new installation that became her Master graduation work at the KABK. The work is called “Doh Mix Meh up”

Genre          Documentary
Language   Papiamentu, English, Dutch
Subtitle      English
Duration   96 min
Country     Curaçao
Year            2014