Teduki Nobo

Teduki Nobo is an interactive installation that will be shown at the CBK Zuidoost Exhibition “Crossing Cultures”. The ‘Teduki’ is an old patchwork tradition in the old days on Curaçao and is the Caribbean variant of quilt (in the west). Made by hand, using recycled fabrics, they were predominantly made to resemble the Dutch tea […]

En Mi Pais

“En Mi País” is a video installation, Framed as 1 tour with many guides, a voice leads you on, instructing you to keep moving along this imaginary excursion. The characters pace up and down when giving their story, in which the rhetoric and repetitive speech pattern reminiscent of well-rehearsed tours mingled with personal anecdotes of […]

Doh Mix Meh Up

“Doh mix meh up: We always negotiating” (2015) is a video installation that ideally is presented in a blacked out room where the 4 walls are projected on or in a blacked out corridor space where one needs to walk through while the work is projected on the left and right walls. Upon entering, the […]


Siudadanos was a commissioned work for the exhibition called Kamarado at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Two roundly curved film screens in front of each other carry a soundscape in the middle coming from above, this work is characterized by a multitude of voices and sounds like the sea, the wind, by spoken word, birds […]

Hidden Transcript

When making Hidden Transcripts (2014) I started to experiment with live set performance. I had become interested in working with the carnival setting and context as a component in my work. Within carnival the capability exists to overthrow the old and conformed order in which distinct relationships between, body, language and politics manifest. In the […]